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Open your senses - stretch your limits.

A main sentence I'm following since the time I started doing art work back in the years.

It's an intensive experience coming close to the world  surrounding us by using the cameras lense. There is no distance between me and the world around. A subtile connection is been set up - then sometimes the very essence of the subject focussed becomes evident.

This kind of art work is an adventure, a journey into life with my mind wide open - in this unique time that has been given to me.

BROMMA, Sweden


Metternich Mechatronic, Buchholz i. d. Nordheide

D:4 Architects, Berlin/Hamburg

Gewinner Architects, Oldenburg

IDEAL Versicherung, Berlin

Ärzteblatt/Axel Springer Verlag, München

Trollkohnskoppel, Kiesby

BUND, Schleswig-Holstein

Kirschkern & Compes, Hamburg

Theater Fata Morgana, Hamburg

Comenius Stiftung/EKD, Hannover

Literaturzentrum, Hamburg

Hamburger Stiftung für politisch Verfolgte, Hamburg

LANDKUNSTSTÜCK, Schleswig- Holstein


11092018JobstvonBerg-4253 Kopie_edited_e
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